Dynamic Mobile App Security Testing (DMAST) with Android Emulator OWASP ZAP

Go to AVD Manager
Click “Create Virtual Device”
Choose a virtual device model.
Choose a release with a corresponding API level and Android version (30 and 11.0, respectively, are the most recent at the time of writing)
alex@ubuntu:~$ emulator -list-avdsPixel_4_XL_API_28
alex@ubuntu:~$ emulator -avd Pixel_4_XL_API_30 -writable-system -no-snapshot
emulator: command not found
export PATH=$PATH:/home/alex/Android/Sdk/emulator
PATH= %PATH%;C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\emulator
Search for “Edit the system environment variables”
Click Environment Variables… > Edit… > New, and type in the path.
The correct proxy settings on the virtual device
The correct proxy settings on OWASP ZAP
A certificate should already have been auto-generated. You can also generate a new one by clicking “Generate”.




A variety of topics related to the information security (infosec) field

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Alex Myers Security Engineer

Alex Myers Security Engineer

A variety of topics related to the information security (infosec) field

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