The power of cron

Using the crontab command

Who can use this command?

Scheduling jobs

cron vs. anacron

No, not the artist!

What does cron have to do with security?

About PAM

Another PAM
  • account modules check that the specified account is a valid authentication target under current conditions. This may include conditions like account expiration, time of day, and that the user has access to the requested service.
  • authentication modules verify the user’s identity, for example by requesting and checking a password or other secret. They may also pass authentication information on to other systems like a keyring.
  • password modules are responsible for updating passwords and are generally coupled to modules employed in the authentication step. They may also be used to enforce strong passwords.
  • session modules define actions that are performed at the beginning and end of sessions. A session starts after the user has successfully authenticated.
The account tab will be set to “required” by default.
Change the account tab to “sufficient” as seen here.
From Xiaodong Lin, Introductory Computer Forensics: A Hands-on Practical Approach, Springer, 2018, p. 310.

How a malicious actor could use cron to establish persistence

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A variety of topics related to the information security (infosec) field

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Alex Myers Security Engineer

Alex Myers Security Engineer

A variety of topics related to the information security (infosec) field

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